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Project manager training since 1998



Over 900 different organizations have used ProjektStegen as a provider of training, tools and services since 1998.

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We have trained more than 8,500 participants in project management since 1998 from different kinds of organizations.



We have conducted project manager training on site in countries such as the USA, China, Malaysia, the UK and Switzerland.

100% focus on training, tools & services for project management

Our project manager training combines traditional project training with digital components for effective pedagogy and maximum user experience. Today, we are undoubtedly a leading player in modern project management training for all roles.

Project manager training online - for real!

Already in 2012, we launched our first completely digital project management training. Since then, we have been allocating large resources daily to develop and improve our digital offering. 

Each e-learning has carefully thought out pedagogy and structure. We create variation and inspiration through various components, such as film clips, exercises, examples, reflection, interactive elements and knowledge tests.

Easy-to-use project model with thousands of users

Our project model ProjektStegen® consists of a total of five phases, each of which has a governing document and a decision-making document. For each phase, there are a number of associated steps with descriptions, checklists and project templates as well as associated examples. The project model can be delivered on several different technical platforms, including Microsoft SharePoint for Office365 and WordPress. The project model contains over 40 different project templates.

What is the best project manager training?

We understand that it can be difficult to choose project management training. There is a large selection of educations and many different actors to choose from. The area of project management is a bit special for several reasons. The role and view of project managers can mean completely different things between different industries and types of projects. Then, of course, your prior knowledge is important to consider when choosing an education. We have trained project managers for over 20 years, and recommend ours e-learning Practical project management as a good basic education in project management. That course gives you the entirety of professional project management. If you want to supplement e-learning with coaching based on your current situation and needs, we recommend the course Diploma training Project Manager.

Blog about project management

On our blog about project management, there are articles with tips, advice and inspiration for projects. Here you will find in-depth articles with exciting content in project management and the project work form. The project management blog also has free document templates for projects that you can use in your projects.

More tips on inspiration for you who are interested in project management can be found at these links:
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Tips for successful project management

Here we briefly describe 10 factors that individually and together can increase the conditions for successful projects. By attending a project manager training with us, you get both the whole and individual parts to become a successful project manager.

Clear project goals and impact goals
With clear goals that document purpose and expected results, the project can focus on the right things and control and prioritize the work towards set goals.

Realistic project plan
With a realistic project plan, the conditions for a successful project increase. This means that the customer is satisfied with the project's time, cost and quality.

Management support
With support from the management, the project's opportunities to carry out the project according to the project plan and to get help with solving any problems during the project's implementation increase. A committed management is often crucial for effective projects.

Proper staffing
With the right staffing, the project can be carried out with the right skills, commitment, participation and responsibility. With the right staffing, the probability of the right quality and that the project result can be used as intended by the client also increases.

Documentation and formalities
A project that is well documented and has a high level of formalities often has greater chances of being successful by increasing clarity and reducing the risk of misunderstandings.

Clear roles and responsibilities
With clear roles and responsibilities in projects, the collaboration becomes simpler and more efficient, both within the project's organization and towards the project's world. Being clear about roles and responsibilities also reduces the risk of conflicts.

A common way of working
With a common approach to project work, planning and follow-up throughout the project is facilitated by handling phases, steps, decisions and documents in a similar way for all projects.

Clear decision points
With clear decision points and milestones, good conditions are created for knowing what, when and how different types of decisions are to be made in a project.

Anchoring and communication
By continuously working with anchoring and communication in projects, it is ensured that the needs of different stakeholders are taken care of and that the individual project constantly communicates the right type of information to its stakeholders.

Dare to stop projects
By continuously critically reviewing a project's prerequisites for success, various signals can indicate that the best thing to do is to stop a project. It often takes both courage and determination to stop a project.

What does it mean to be a project manager?

Being a project manager is about clarifying project goals and impact goals. Based on the goals, the project manager leads and supports the project members throughout the project.

More important tasks for a project manager are to:
Describe and state working methods - conditions, resource needs and processes
Follow up and learn and, if necessary, correct
Structure activities and hand over deliveries to customers
Create forums and routines to utilize new knowledge during and after projects

The work form project has certain characteristics that lead to tasks and perhaps challenges that the project manager needs to master and like. Although some parts of project leadership are recurring and similar to leadership in general, the project's lack of history entails special conditions compared with traditional leadership.