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Checklista vid uppstart av projekt

Checklist ordering projects

See the points below as an example of what is important to keep in mind when ordering projects
  • The background to the proposed project is described: an idea, a problem, a need or a coercive measure
  • A named client for the proposed project is documented
  • It is ensured that no similar intended project has been implemented before or is planned to be implemented
  • The stakeholders of the proposed project are described
  • The intended project's impact goals and expected deliveries are described
  • The scope of the proposed project is described in terms of budget, resources and time
  • The intended project is in line with the organization's other goals and strategies
  • The intended project is the right priority among other projects
  • Analyzes have been carried out to assess the proposed project from various aspects
  • Various obstacles to being able to carry out the intended project have been taken into account
  • It is clear whether the intended project should include different alternative solutions or focus only on one solution

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