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FAQ trainings & project model

On this page, we have collected frequently asked questions & answers about our trainings and project model.
Contact Us if you do not find the answer to your question, we will answer within 30 minutes during office hours.

Of course, we are also happy to discuss which courses suit you based on your prior knowledge and needs.

Questions & answers trainings

In connection with your order, you choose which date you want to start your online education. If you want to start the same day, we will normally send you login information within 1 hour.

You will find the price for a course place on each page for each education. Our prices are always stated excluding VAT.

Read more about the target group on the page for each education. Of course you are welcome to Contact Us to discuss which education is right for you based on your needs and prior knowledge.

We offer the following discounts when ordering online education:

10% discount when ordering for SEK 15,000 - SEK 25,000
20% discount when ordering for SEK 25,000 - SEK 35,000
30% discount for orders over SEK 35,000

Discounts only apply to online training and when ordering at one and the same time. Order amount refers to excluding VAT. Discount codes can not be combined.

Ofcourse you can! After completing the education, all course participants receive a certificate in the form of a diploma as proof of completed education.

Of course you get it! For those of you who complete our online training, you can, after completing the course, save a summary in pdf with the most important things from the course.

Our educations most industries and types of projects. Contact us if you want to ensure that the course suits you and the type of project that is relevant to you.

The following technical requirements exist to be able to use the online courses:

PC, Mac or tablet
Modern PC or Apple Mac with at least 8MB of RAM.

Latest version of Safari, Chrome or browser from Microsoft. The browser must be set to accept Javascript and Cookies as well as allow pop-up windows to function as intended.

Internet connection
Minimum connection speed is 1mbit / s, recommended speed is 2mbit / s and faster.

Sound card and speakers or headphones. For the courses where web meetings are included as part, you need access to a microphone.

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Word is required to use the included document templates.

View pdf files
To be able to see certain parts of the education, you need a program to be able to view so-called pdf files. If you do not have this, you can download Acrobat Reader here »

For terms of use for e-learning, see further here »
For conditions for scheduled educations, see further here »

Some courses include document templates and checklists that you can use for your own projects. The license for the document templates applies to the right of use for one (1) user and is not limited in time. Contact Us for license for use rights for entire organizations.

Questions & answers project model

The project model today has users in most industries and types of projects. When developing the project model, great emphasis has been placed on it working well regardless of the type of project. Examples of project types are IT, product development, service development, marketing, organizational development, etc.

No no specific training required. Each step in the project model is explained by a concise descriptive text. For each step that has a document template, there is also a filled-in example to explain the content of the step. In addition to descriptions and template support, there is also a short think-list for all steps in the project.

The project model contains 5 governing documents, 5 decision documents and about 40 supporting documents. The principle of use is simple, use one guiding document per project phase and supplement with supporting documents if necessary. When the project enters a new phase, a decisive document is used that documents the possible continuation of the project.

We offer three different types of licenses:

Project license - time-limited license for one or more projects.

Limited organization license License for a certain number of users within an organization. The license is not limited in time.

Unlimited organization license License for an unlimited number of users within an organization or group.

The project model is developed and updated continuously by launching new versions. However, an important parameter when developing new versions is always not to increase the complexity of the project model. It has always, and will always be, easy to understand and use in practice.

Each project phase ends with a decision meeting. Normally, the governing document is used as a basis for deciding whether the project should proceed according to plan, be changed and then proceed or whether the project should be stopped. The decision is documented with the help of the accompanying decision templates. Of course, a project contains a large number of smaller and larger decisions in addition to the decision between each project phase. These decisions can also use the decision templates, with associated current appendices, to document decisions.

In the Project organization step, the roles in the project are described and defined. Examples of roles in a project organization are Project Manager, Project Group, Reference Group, Steering Group, Client and various types of Working Groups. The roles also define responsibilities and powers. In addition to the document template for describing roles, responsibilities and powers, the project model also has a document template for so-called resource security. Resource security is an important part of a project manager's task to ensure that the project's resources are indeed available to the extent and at the times determined.

There are a total of about 50 different document templates in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. It is easy to add, change or delete document templates as needed. If there are special requirements for graphic layout, font and introduction of logo, the templates can be delivered according to your wishes at a fixed price according to a separate quote.

Updates are not included in the license cost but are offered separately. Our experience is that many customers adapt the project model, for example by making additions, deletions and changes to different parts. When launching new versions of the project model, all customers are given the opportunity to assess how the new version fits into their own organization's existing version. If the customer is then interested in updating, the update is offered separately. Often at a very low cost. Contact us for more information about the license model and what it would mean for your organization.