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Several steering groups for a project

In internal projects, it is often natural and obvious how governance and decision-making should be handled by a steering group. But what do you do if there are several different parties in a project?

Different strategies for development

Choosing a strategy for how a product or service should be developed is an important issue to consider when planning all projects. In this post, we describe three different strategies.

4 innovative tools for digital learning

On a daily basis, we search, test and evaluate various tools and platforms to turn digital meetings and training into effective and engaging experiences.

Define concepts and avoid costly misunderstandings

Activities, collaborations and projects are guided by communication with the help of language. It is often of crucial importance for the result that information is understood and interpreted in the same way by everyone involved.

Vision in agile projects

In agile development, the term vision is often used. A vision can be said to be the starting point, the motive and the goals that must be achieved when a project is completed and the result from the project delivers full benefit.

What can Formula 1 teach us about agility?

This weekend is the premiere for the 2021 season of Formula 1, or F1 as the initiate calls the sport. The premiere takes place in the Middle East, specifically in Bahrain.

Thoughts about projects

In operations, perfection, clarity and steep development curves are often sought. It is not uncommon for goals and visions to be achieved through projects. But are projects perfect?

When are agile working methods suitable?

When choosing which working method to choose for development, there are several different aspects to take into account, such as the nature of the project, knowledge of needs in the short and long term, the project's complexity and the organization's knowledge in the area to which the project relates.

happy Birthday

On February 11-13, 2001, 17 experienced IT people met at a ski resort in Utah, USA. In addition to having fun, they had a common goal, to discuss and concretize alternative ways of conducting system development.

A house rule for meetings that can make a big difference

Around Sweden, projects continue to be implemented with high intensity in most industries, despite special times. The motto - we do not cancel, we adjust - is starting to feel old school because it is now a matter of course.